Recent News and Publications

2018  Nason, Patrick.  This is Not a Goldmine.  Capital, Conservation, and the Politics of Recruitment in the Deep Bismarck Sea.  Paper Prepared for the 2018 Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), San Jose, California.  Selected by the Anthropology and Environment Society of the AAA as Finalist for the 2018 Roy A. Rappaport Student Prize in Environmental Anthropology.

2018  Nason, Patrick.  What Became of Bruce the Shark?  From Man-eating Monster to Liberal Subject in Forty Years of Conservation.  Submitted for Publication to Journal of Historical Sociology (09/2018).

2017  Nason, Patrick.  The Life of Malagan.

Research Profiled in Deep Sea Life (Issue 8, November 2016, p. 35)

2016  Nason, Patrick, and John Aini.  A Conversation about Climate Change in the Papua New Guinea Islands.  Berghahn: EnviroSociety.  

2014  Feinberg, Rebecca, Patrick Nason, and Hamsini Sridharan.  Introduction: Human-Animal Relations.  Environment and Society: Advances in Research 4: 1-4

2012  Nason, Patrick. Jaws of Significance: The Conservationist’s Perception of the Shark in South Florida. Master’s Thesis, Department of Anthropology, Florida Atlantic University.

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