Publications and other Artworks

Some of Mine:

2017  Nason, Patrick.  The Life of Malagan.

2016  Nason, Patrick, and John Aini.  A Conversation about Climate Change in the Papua New Guinea Islands.  Berghahn: EnviroSociety.  

2014  Feinberg, Rebecca, Patrick Nason, and Hamsini Sridharan.  Introduction: Human-Animal Relations.  Environment and Society: Advances in Research 4: 1-4

2012  Nason, Patrick.  Eye of the Shark. Unpublished Essay.

2012  Nason, Patrick. Jaws of Significance: The Conservationist’s Perception of the Shark in South Florida. Master’s Thesis, Department of Anthropology, Florida Atlantic University.

Shark Culture. Ongoing Blog at Shark Research Institute. 


Some Others:

The Sea and the Wind that Blows (E.B. White)

Shipwrecks and Sharks (Maldoror’s First Love) (Comte de Lautréamont)

Subject to a Film (Clark Coolidge)

Dispossession and the Environment (Paige West)